Our Story

Our Association began in 1988 in the quiet town of Reisterstown, Maryland when a community organization became necessary due to the alarming number of stray animals. For the first 10 years, our Association was a network of foster families who took care of animals while we searched for a new home for them. Eventually, our Association grew and there became a need for a physical shelter. In 1998, Association for Animal Rights officially became the first non-profit shelter with a no-kill policy for animals who are difficult to adopt out or stay awhile. Twenty-two years later, we have become a staple of the Reisterstown Community and provide information, medical attention, tender loving care, adoption, and intake services for animals who would otherwise face an uncertain future. In recent years, we have expanded our reaches into helping animals across all of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and D.C. For many years we have been able to retain our status if it was not for the many donations and volunteers who have dedicated their time to the good cause.

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